So you wanna play football?

First let us congratulate you on beating the stereotype of football players, and your willingness to help us change history! While today it is more acceptable for girls and women to join football teams, this is still not the norm. Our society has developed football for males ingraining participation in youth through school and city leagues, and adults in college, professional leagues (NFL, Arena), or Olympic event. Knowing this, rarely do our players come from a background that allowed them to play full-tackle football except maybe in backyard scrimmages or the rare person who played on a team. Our goals are to foster relationships with girls that are taking that step to play on male dominated teams in their youth, and provide a means for adult women to play at a higher level.


"Real change in society must start from individual initiative"

Dalai Lama

Try Outs

The team holds several try outs annual from September through December. Please monitor our events page for try out dates and times. We welcome all skill levels, shapes, & sizes! No football experience is necessary. For try outs bring a fun attitude, wear athletic clothing and shoes (cleats if you have them), and bring lots of water! Expect to run some basic football drills (plyos, running/sprinting, throwing & catching, etc.). Coaches assess different levels of abilities for a variety of positions on the team.

If you need help getting back into shape, please join us in our off-season work outs that run generally September through December. There is no fee for participating in try outs or off-season work outs. If you are interested in the team after our pre-season months, please contact the team directly.

Due to fitness requirements, knowledge level, and league requirements it is extremely dificult for a new player to join the team during our regular season. However, we have formed a practice squad that allows potential players to participate during our regular season practices. Please contact us if you are interested for further details!

Player Requirements

If you are officially accepted onto the team, here are some things that will be required of you and what to expect:


We are a traveling team, which means we may be traveling outside of Colorado for games. Possible locations for away games include Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Utah. Generally for away games, we generally leave on Friday evening and return on Sunday.

  • Health Insurance: Each player will have to provide proof of insurance prior to the first day of official practice. If you do not have current health insurance, please reach out to a coach for assistance as we work with insurance providers. In addition, each player will complete a medical history packet that also requires a physical with a doctor allowing for tackle football.

  • Football Gear: It is the player's responsibility at a minimum to provide for their own girdle, helmet (must be adult (not youth), white in color with grey face mask), shoulder pads, cleats, wrist coach and mouth guard. Other accessories to highly consider will be a gear bag, gloves, padded compression shirts, braces, kneepads etc.

  • Player Fee: Each player is required to make a donation, usually around $500, due before the start of our games, April. This fee pays for socks, practice jerseys, practice uniforms, and most travel & lodging (hotels & bus) for regular season away games. In addition to a player's fee, any players in need of the official uniform a fee of $125 due early January. The fee includes your home and away jersey (with last name printed on back) and game pants. Returning players may have this fee waived if they choose to use their previous uniform. Don't let the fee scare you away! We host a variety of fundraising events through out the year where portions of the proceeds can go towards individual player fees; in addition, we assist players in obtaining sponsorship to cover these fees. Plus the fee is generally paid by players over a 4-5 month period.

  • Sponsorship & Fundraising: The team will have several activities planned outside of practice that will require your attendance including volunteer work, fundraising, sponsorships, and team building activities. For each fundraiser that we do as a team, a percentage will go to the team and a percentage will be divided among the players that participated in the fundraiser event and will be applied toward their player's fees. Each fundraiser the percentages will be defined. Any player bringing sponsorship to the team can apply this towards their player fees.

  • Player Expectations: Each player will be expected to be fully committed in practices, games, travel etc. A formal contract, code of conduct, and liability waiver must be signed by the first day of official practice. These contracts allow for fees to be assessed to the player for unexcused absences and conduct violations.

  • Practice Schedule: As women we pay to play football, which means usually we all have full-time jobs outside of playing on this team. Our practice schedule we strive to work around work schedules, but all practices are mandatory. Generally, our practices follow this schedule running from January through the end of the season June or July. Locations are to be determined annually, but in past we have used South Denver High School, Englewood High School, Denver parks and rec fields, or Aurora parks and rec fields.
    • Tuesdays: 7pm to 9pm (inside gym Jan/Feb, and outside on lighted field as needed remaining time)
    • Wednesday: Online chalk talk, starts at 7pm or 8pm as voted annually by players.
    • Thursdays: 7pm to 9pm (inside gym Jan/Feb, and outside on lighted field as needed remaining time)
    • Saturdays: 4-hour block practice, time dependent upon availability currently 9am to 1pm. Always outside

  • Game Schedule:We generally play 8 games in the regular season with the possibility of extra games for play offs and Championship Weekend. In addition, we have several scrimmages prior to the start of the season. Our official schedule should be set and available sometime in January. Generally, game days are on Saturday. In the past we have played at Shea Stadium in Highlands Ranch, depending upon availability.