Frequently Asked Questions

How are your players paid?

WE'RE NOT! Everyone associated with the Freeze Nation family (including board members, coaches, players, and volunteers) are volunteers only and do not draw a profit. Our players actually have annual dues they pay to offset season expenses for fields, stadiums, sports doctors, referees, etc. In addition, players primarily purchase their own equipment which can get very pricy, very fast. Yes, they pay to play! Fundraising and sponsorship helps keep our player dues minimal, with our hopes to first eliminate these costs in the future.

Are you professional football players? Like NFL?

We wish we were the NFL! We participate in the highest professional level women can play in, so yes, on hierarchial level we are the women's version of the NFL. But the reality is... we're not the NFL. Women's tackle football teams have nowhere near the resources other major league men's teams have. Women historically have been constrained to specific gender roles which do not support aggressiveness or contact sports, and women's football is fairly new concept to even this generation. While we are writting history everyday, our players still pay to play and have other full-time professions. Progress takes time and support, today you are more likely to see co-ed teams at youth levels and the development of women only teams. We hope in the future all girls and women have the option to play at all levels, through youth, college, and professionally. Be a part of writting that history, and support your local girls and women's football teams!

How old do you have to be to play?

All players must be the age of 18 years or older at the start of the season.

Do you have lingerie uniforms?

Ummm... no that turf burns gotta be rough! We play in uniforms similar to any men's football team (well, ...minus the whole cup and jock strap thing). Sex does sell in todays world and women do find playing in such a manner provides them not having to pay to play and other resources (good for them!). Our team values the respect of being an athelte (not the image) and providing a family friendly affair. Check out our photos for our current uniforms.

What forms of payments do you accept?

At our games and our team store, we can accept all major credit cards (with service fee) or cash. For Team Rebel, Squad Locker, and Zenfolio please refer to those individual websites for payment options. For sponsorships and other donations, we can accept a variety of different methods including: all major credit cards (with service fee), paypal, checks, ACH transactions, or cash.

Why is there a flat $13.95 shipping fee at the offical team store?

Due to limitations of our team store, our shipping charges are 'standard' for each order. These charges may increase or decrease depending upon the number of items purchased. We use USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping, prices change based on the size of shipping container used. You will be contacted and your invoice will be updated/credited with the appropriate container charge. If you choose will-call, you will not be charged a shipping fee and will need to pick up your item(s) at a team event or make arrangements with a player.