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Women's Tackle Football

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some common questions and answers below. If you have any additional question please contact us!

Team Store Questions

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Through our team store that is operated and supplied byt the team, We can accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover), personal checks, and bank transfers through ACH. Other methods may be possible, please contact us for specific details. Please refer to Team Rebel, Squad Locker, and Zenfolio specific stores for their payment options as these store are ran by the individual companies and a portion of the sales are donated to our team.
Due to limitations of team store, our shipping charges are 'standard' for each order. These charges may increase or decrese depending upon the number of items purchased. We use USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping, prices change based on the size of shipping container used. You will be contacted and invoice will be updated/credited with appropriate container charge.
When you order an item on backorder, we currently do not have that specific item (size/color) in stock for immediate shipping. If you purchase an item that is backordered, the item will be shipped once it has been restocked. You will be contacted if this is the case and advised what we currently have in stock for replacement. Special order items will automatically be placed backorder.

General Team Questions

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WE'RE NOT! Everyone associated with the Freeze Nation family (including board members, coaches, players and volunteers) are volunteers only and do not draw a profit. Our players actually have annual dues they pay to offset season expenses for fields, stadiums, sports doctors, refrees etc. In addition, players primarily purchase their own equipment which can get very pricy, very fast. Yes, they pay to play! Fundrasing and sponsorship helps keep our player dues minimal, with our hopes to first eliminate these costs in the furture.
All players must be over the age of 18 by the start of our season.
Ummm... no. We play in uniforms similar to any men's football team (well, ...minus the cup and jock strap thing). Check out our photos for our current uniforms.