Team Nickname: "Que"

Position: OG, DT

Experience: 1 YEAR



Height: 5'04"

Hometown: Denver, CO

Education: East High School

Occupation: Teacher PERA at Hinkley High School

Interesting Fact:

I have a big heart and I'm a great HARD WORKING mother. SURVIVOR OF CERVICAL CANCER

Get your life - Unknown

Why I play football:

I have loved football since I was knee high to a bee hive, I�ve watched the sport with family and friends since I was a little girl. Being raised in Denver CO, no one could tell me anything to get away from that TV when a game was on, especially when it was MY BRONCOS. The love of football comes from the unit of the game. How they play as a team, which for me seems more like family �tight knitted�, to know we all in this together! It�s more than just a sport, for me it provides strength, discipline and brings release of stress. I�m able to get on that field and focus on nothing but the game. Now that I have the opportunity to play for Colorado Freeze it brings me Joy not only to play the sport I love, but also to be a part of a unit an extension of family! All in all, I can say I love football it has helped me be courageous and know that you can truly live your dream!!!

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be: