G. Reid Swearingen

Quarterbacks Coach

Years with Freeze: Rookie, 1st Season

Hometown: Sedalia, Missouri

Education: Woodberry Forest School (Woodberry Forest, VA), Univerity of Missouri

Occupation: Territory Manager for Team Issue Footballs

Football History: 3-Time State Champion & #1 in state at Woodberry Forest (QB, WR), University of Missouri (QB, WR).

What inspires you to coach women's football:

With all the controversy in football with concussions and player safety I feel it is my duty, as a former player and student of the game, to promote football safely so that it can continue to grow into the sport I have dedicated the majority of my life to.

Interesting Fact:

During the 2013 SEC Championship game I was in New Orleans drinking at Manning's bar with Archie Manning and Scott Hunter. The two of them and I became quick friends after we found out we had a mutual contact. Archie, Scott, and I watched the first half of the game together before I had to head back to my fraternity brothers and our dates.

Everyone has inner wolf's that lurks inside of us. One embodies positive traits, the other negative traits. Which one will grow inside of us? The one we feed - Nick Saban

Aside from necessities, what one thing could I not go a day without?

Getting some sort of dosage of football everyday. Coaching, watching, or playing.


2001 - 4th Grade Spelling Champion :), 2011 2nd Team All-State WR, Jersey number 'retired' and given out every week to Woodberry's top all-around receiver.