Who are we?

Established in 2014, the Colorado Freeze is a women's Semi-Professional Football Team for Women?18 years. Our team is currently in the Independent Women?s Football League (iWFL), our national organization. Very recently (October 2016), the Colorado Freeze expanded its ownership and has been making significant changes in growth. The Colorado Freeze team is now managed and operated through a non-profit organization, Freeze Nation, Inc. All volunteers in this organization are unpaid, including board members, coaching staff, event coordinators, game day helpers, cheer and dance team, and our players actually pay a fee to play. Our players come from the Denver and surrounding areas and have diverse backgrounds. We believe in giving back to the community, fans, and sponsors who continue to support our efforts

Mission & Values

The Freeze Nation promotes the development of women's football and pledges to support the growth of women's football financially to give players, coaches, and officials the opportunity to become actively involved in a professional women's full-tackle football team. The Freeze Nation intends to:

  • Promote women's abilities to play full contact football by increasing public awareness to overcome social and cultural obstacles for women (including prejudice and discrimination).
  • Provide education and instruction for personal development of players (rookies & veterans), coaches, and officials.
  • Offer healthful recreation as an alternative to drugs and other negative behaviors by promoting life skills such as sportsmanship, discipline, goal-setting, and physical fitness through a family model.
  • Participate in volunteer activities in order to act as role models for youth, women and society with the ultimate aim to improve women's standing in football.

  • Objectives

  • To ensure that every girl and woman who desires to play football has the opportunity to do so.
  • To promote female opportunities in football.
  • To encourage the promotion and marketing of women's football at all levels to grow participation, build audience, and target potential players.
  • Assist other member associations to overcome the main challenges of developing women's tackle football.